blue mullàn and design lab


“blue mullàn and design lab” is a versatile and dynamic agency, which has evolved from the needs of its customers. Its client base stretches from China and Vietnam to Germany and other European countries. Most of these clients are manufacturers and purveyors of textiles, furnishings and decorative accessories for the home, as well as manufacturers of ceramic for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our agency's services range from support during the development of your product to the exhibition of your merchandise at trade fairs or in showrooms. Furthermore, my team and I will be on hand as you develop your marketing strategy and will facilitate reaching your target market.

Many Chinese and other Asian manufacturers in our client base have difficulties with European and American tastes, yet are not able to make beautiful products. I and my team can offer support and advice here. Other clients need help whilst developing their products, such as optimising the finish or identifying upcoming trends in terms of style or material mix. With my team, I regularly visit international exhibitions and expositions. We observe and compare the target markets, engage with consumers and maintain up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends and fashions. Through this, we guarantee that our customers are always well advised.

Our strength is our knowledge of style and our awareness of trends, Hand created and Hand Illustrated Artworks are our most significant strength which makes our products become most unique designs and will helps you to protect your design from plagiarism. We work closely with interior and product designers who have studied their market well and are able to help you further with your requests.Our success comes from our customers' success and this we value especially. That is why we rely on long-term business relationships as through them we can attune and optimise our service according to your needs and share a productive future.

since 2014 we have opend our branch office in Ho Chi Minh City/Vietnam. Our target by opening this branch office was to be closer to the productionbase and to our clienst in south Asian Region. Since January 2017 we have settle down our new office in Hong Kong as we wish to provide all our chinese clients a better services.

Speak to us and let us make possible the success you desire.