About me

I have enjoyed designing objects and looking closely at art, fashion and interior design my whole life. For me, art is the best means by which one can express one's individuality and mood. I always found visits to flea markets fascinating, because there one can learn a lot about design from different eras and through that, the zeitgeist of each era. It is therefore no wonder, then, that I made my fondness and talent for beautiful things into my career. The advertising industry seemed to me to be the most fitting way of fulfilling my dreams; I therefore decided to continue my journey as a graduate of marketing and communications.

In my capacity as a marketing executive I was responsible for the artistic presentation of the latest fashions and products at trade fairs and for numerous other assignments, for which I devised marketing techniques in order to appeal to the target audience.

In 2001, I successfully completed my studies after four years at the West German Academy of Communication, majoring in commercial advertising and marketing. I currently run the “blue mullan lifestyle and design” agency, to which I bring my accumulated experience in order to provide a service.

Through close co-operation with many Asian suppliers and merchandisers I have observed again and again that there exists in Asia a great need for creative leadership and support. By establishing my agency “blue mullàn lifestyle and design lab” I am closing this gap.

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Through my studies I acquired, in addition to my creative skills, the commercial awareness required for successful marketing. This opened up new professional prospects to me, and so I began my career in commerce.

During my time in commerce, I was mainly active in the fields of creativity and organisation, including positions as a visual merchandiser, conceptual designer for advertising, event manager, store manager and finally, merchandiser of home furniture and accessories from Asia.